Apr 072016

Here’s my proposed finished list for second quarter of the Finish-Along, I’ve added a must-finish quilt and rolled over the ten remaining from last quarter, as if I have a snowball’s chance in hell of finishing all ten! Not listed is a joint project I am working on with my sister, which is also a must-finish quilt although the deadline is a little further out.

1. Sumner’s Quilt — My mom made the courthouse steps blocks and I am finishing it into a quilt for my brother, who is getting married in late July. So I MUST get this one done. The blocks have been quilted (with a walking foot) and I have just started putting them together using a Quilt-As-You-Go technique. Mum's block

The rest of the list is carried over from Q1, but with new numbers.

2. Confetti #4 – needs binding, sleeve, and label – I did manage the binding last quarter, but it still needs a sleeve and label. Confetti #4

3. Corral – needs quilting. Corral

4. Cuddle quilt – needs quilting, this one is nap size. cuddle quilt

5. Improv piece A, small. needs quilting. improv color study 1

6. Improv piece B, needs quilting (now half done with the quilting). Improv FGs

7. Purple spirals, needs binding, sleeve, label – binding was done last quarter but still needs sleeve and label. Purple Spirals

8.  QAYG project – one block shown, this one is twin I think. needs assembly. QAYG block

9. Red Stripes, another QAYG project, this one with strips sewn onto backing and batting. Needs the other strips sewn. Will be twin. red stripes

10. Red-eyed ghosts (isn’t that what it looks like?) – was bound last quarter, still needs sleeve and label and maybe a little embellishment. Red-eyed Ghosts

11. Three Stars, needs border, then basting and quilting. I added a border last quarter, but it overwhelms the stars so I need to change it. The second photo is a bit dark, sorry about that.

three star banner 1three stars

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Apr 012016

This first finish was completed 2-3 weeks ago, but it has taken me this long to get pics and write a blogpost. It’s taken me even longer to finish the quilt! I can’t remember when I started it, all I can tell you is I decided to play around with some scraps that were cluttering up my sewing room. I thought the scraps were light enough to stand out against a dark background, but they weren’t really that light. Or the dark wasn’t dark enough, I’m not sure. My stash was a lot smaller back then. The top sat around in the UFO pile for awhile, then I used it to play with paintsticks. I used a glass dish from Goodwill for the “rubbing plate” – literally a plate in this case. That helped. It languished for some additional time in the UFO pile, until I did a free-motion quilt-along 2-3 years ago and used it for a practice piece following one of the tutorials. And now, TA DA – I finally put the binding on! I even did it the hard way, hand-stitched to the back. And I added a sleeve, although I didn’t get a pic so you’ll have to trust me on that one.

I call it Scrappy Mess. Which may need a number because it isn’t the only scrappy mess I’ve made, but I’m not counting.

Scrappy Mess Scrappy Mess corner

Next up is the one project this quarter that I managed to quilt AND bind! I did work on some others but wedding announcements by two family members changed my quilting priorities so they got put aside. This one started with some little scraps I fished out of the waste basket after my sister left, so I call it Waste Basket #1 (number 2 was finished earlier). The scraps were prints and the rest is solids, something I don’t work with very often. I quilted it with a walking foot, and boy was I tired of twisting the quilt back and forth by the time I was done! I finished hand-stitching the binding down about 3 days ago.

Waste Basket #1 WB1 edge

You’d think I had a purple theme going here, but it’s just chance. I think. It’s not my favorite color or anything.

EDIT: Here’s the link to my proposed finishes list, and these two are numbers 9 and 8 (respectively) on that list.

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Feb 262016

I had hoped to be further along in my finishes stack by now, but Spring came early here in Idaho and I’ve been spending too much time in my garden. I’ve got a couple more bound or half bound that I hope to finish by the deadline, and one waiting for me to stitch the sleeve on. The following two have the binding and sleeve and I’m calling them done.

First up is this green 9-patch with lilac sashing, one of the last quilts I hand quilted, so I suspect I started it when we lived in Alaska, which we left in 2003. It feels good to finally get it bound! (oops – I forgot to rotate the image, it’s supposed to hang vertical)

purple lattice done purple lattice corner

And then we have this piece, which I sewed up from scraps of a much bigger project, totally at random to start with and then I added the gray/white background, and eventually this figure appeared and started hacking at the tree. I don’t know why, I don’t ask. He’s been waiting for a binding for 3 or 4 years now, maybe now that he has one he can stop torturing the poor tree.

hacker done hacker corner

And here’s the link to my list of proposed finishes. These two were numbers 7 and 16.

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Feb 012016

This tablerunner has been waiting for the binding for over a year. It didn’t take me long to finish it, but without the Finish-Along I would have ignored it for a few more years. tablerunner

I made it from scraps left from making cloth napkins for myself. Two years ago my sisters volunteered my house for a family get-together. They both came without husbands so it wasn’t quite as full a house as it could have been, but with my parents here also I had to scrounge a couple mattresses to put on the floor in my sewing room for my sisters.

I forget who had the idea, but we decided to try a napkin-making party. My mom had sent a box of fabrics she’d salvaged from some vintage blouses that had belonged to my sister’s roommate in college, plus some other fabrics, and we made her napkins from those. (My sister cut, I sewed.) I had pictured a group sewing bee but ended up being the only one sewing, working on my own pieced napkins. My other sister decided what she really wanted was fabric squares to dress up the tops of canning jars, so we cut up a bunch for her.

Anyway, mine started with a charm square pack I’d bought online from another quilter, plus a bunch of spring-inspired fabrics from my stash. The leftovers make up the central part of this table-runner. I think they were already pieced, being trimmings when I cut the napkins to the desired size. Or maybe I sewed up all the scrap first, my memory is already fading. Basically it is a stacked coins (shown above on edge, try tilting your head if you can’t see it) with the “coins” presewn scraps.

The binding is straight-cut and sewn on one side at a time, on the back first and folded over to the front and straight-stitched along the edge. The ends were done last and the end of the binding folded over for a finished corner.

And that’s my finish for this week. (List of proposed finishes HERE. This is number 14 on the list.)


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Jan 222016

I’ve finished the first two quilts. Of course, the two easiest ones, but ya gotta start somewhere. They are numbers 4 and 17 on my proposed finishes list.

First up, 4-patches with yellow alternate blocks, lap size. I made the 4-patches as “betweeners” (also known as leaders and enders). I cut a lot of my scrap into 2 1/2 inch squares and keep them handy, then whenever I reach a point in my piecing where I would have to cut the thread, I sew two squares together instead. When I have a pile sewn up I iron the pairs and put them back by the machine, and make 4-patches whenever I am between other piecing. I’ve included a close-up to prove I really did get the binding on.yellow 4patch doneyellow 4patch edge

Second one is a stacked coins variation, in that some of the “coins” are rather tall. Scraps again, this time always 2 1/2 inches wide but various widths. The edges were uneven and I didn’t want to trim them all, so I sewed them onto adding machine tape to keep the rows straight. Some of the seam allowances ended up a bit scant on the sides, so I quilted with a small serpentine stitch down the vertical seams. It is crib-size. green stripesgreen stripe corner

Both of these will be donated somewhere, as soon as I have photos I’m happy with for my records.


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Jan 152016

Needing all the help and encouragement I can get, I’m going to join the Finish-Along again. This year it is hosted by a group of quilt bloggers and you can participate from whichever one you like. Here’s where I found the info.

And here’s my list of proposed finishes, all 17 of them (it will take a miracle to actually complete them all, but they are mostly small). Names are working names:

1. Confetti #4 – needs binding, sleeve, and label

Confetti #4

2. Corral – needs quilting.Corral

3. Cuddle quilt – needs quilting, this one is nap size cuddle quilt

4. Green stripes – needs binding and labelgreen stripes

5. improv piece, small. needs quiltingimprov color study 1

6. improv piece, needs quilting (which I am currently working on)Improv FGs

7. Lattice, small. An old UFO, I actually hand quilted this one! needs binding, sleeve, label.Lattice

8. Boxes on purple, needs basting and quilting.purple boxes top

9. Purple mess, needs binding, sleeve, labelPurple mess

10. purple spirals, needs binding, sleeve, labelPurple Spirals

11. QAYG project – one block shown, this one is twin I think. needs assembly.QAYG block

12. Red Stripes, another QAYG project, this one with strips sewn onto backing and batting. Needs the other strips sewn. Will be twin.red stripes

13. Red-eyed ghosts (isn’t that what it looks like?) – needs binding, sleeve, labelRed-eyed Ghosts

14. table runner, needs bindingtable runner qd

15. Three Stars, needs border, then basting and quilting.three star banner 1

16. Whacking through the Jungle, needs binding, sleeve, label.Whacking

17. Yellow 4-patches – needs binding and label.yellow 4patch

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Jun 302014

I managed one finish this quarter. Yep, just one. I spent most of my time in my garden this quarter which left little time for quilting. I just barely finished this Modern quilt in time to submit it for a special exhibition. I’ll know in August whether it was accepted or not.

Looking back, I see I had hoped to finish 5 quilts – man, was I dreamin’!

Quilt #1 is now a finished top, and I need to get it to fully finished by July 10th – 10 days from right now. Gulp.

Quilt #2 “Yellow Squares” is the one I finished, now called Golden Hour.

The others have not been touched. And I doubt I will touch them next quarter either. In fact, everything I need to finish next quarter is unstarted except for the airplane quilt.

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Apr 082014

OMG we are well into April already. Spring has sprung, the weather is beautiful, and I am busy in the garden. I may or may not have much time to quilt this quarter, but I’m going to try and finish the following:

1) Airplane quilt. (Wallhanging) I started this one years ago – can’t remember how many but over 10 – as a gift for my dad, then realized I wouldn’t finish in time and gave him something else. I recently unearthed in during an archeological dig in my UFO bins. He turns 80 this year, so I think it’s time to finish it. I’m also making a small quilt for my mom (also turning 80), but that one is not started yet.Airplane Quilt

2) Yellow squares. (Wallhanging) I made these blocks (only a few of them shown) recently to use up scraps that were cluttering up my work tables. I’d like to turn them into a finished quilt soon rather than add another UFO to my list.

Two more unstarted quilts are on my list. That’s 5 already so I’ll be lucky to get them all done, but just in case I discover a cache of extra time, I’ll include these three as repeats from last quarter:

3) “Stripes” – A QAYG quilt made by sewing strips directly to the backing and batting, which, I’ve discovered, is boring as hell. I may have to pay myself in chocolate to finish this one. Why did I make it twin size??

4) QAYG blocks #1 – Layered and basted blocks, ready for some free-motion practice. I expect to get these quilted, but whether I’ll get them assembled into a finished quilt by the end of the quarter remains to be seen. (Twin, I think.) [edit – I copied these as is from last quarter and just read it over – these blocks did in fact get quilted last quarter. Now I need to assemble them.]

5) QAYG blocks #2 – Another set of basted blocks waiting for free-motion quilting, [edit – centers are done. The wide sashing will be used for feather practice, which awaits some other quilt I want to use feathers on]. (Another twin, if I calculated right.)

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Mar 312014

Down to the wire, but it’s FINISHED! I sewed the binding on this morning. Here is “Cardinal Sin” in all it’s glory. (Sort of, darn camera distorted it a bit.)

You can read about the construction of this quilt here, here and here. When it came time to quilt it, I chose a leafy branches motif to fill the smaller areas, and added a few along the edges of the bird patches. Then I took inspiration from the berries and used a “pebbles” fill around the birds – except I called it “berries.”

The leafy branches are sewn with green thread, which worked beautifully. It shows enough to see the design, but not enough for my many little “oopsies” to jump out. White thread would have disappeared on the white fabric and stood out too much on the red, and vice verse for red thread. Green was just right. For the “berries” I used an off-white thread that doesn’t show, but you can see the design anyway from the texture of it.

This quilt is finish #3 for the Finish-Along (original post here), and my March finish for the Lovely Year of Finishes, and is my finished quilt for the Tea-Towel Challenge. Hah – three birds with one quilt!

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Mar 302014

(I finished this quilt back in late January but held off on a post because I planned to become a Craftsy affiliate. Of course, I haven’t actually applied for one yet, and time is running out on posting for the Finish-along, so here we go. This is also finish #2 for the Finish-Along, original post here.)

This quilt had it’s beginnings in Joe Cunningham’s Craftsy class Pattern-free Quiltmaking. In this class he teaches several processes for making fast, easy, arty quilts. First lesson is for a Three Sisters (or Rail Fence) variation he calls Three Crazy Sisters. As I worked on this first version, I started referring to it as a Twisted Sister, so that’s what I called this quilt.

First thing I did, after pulling fabric from my stash, was to misread the directions. It says to cut two 7 inch strips and I cut two from each fabric. Turns out it is two total – one from each fabric. By the time I was done making pieced 2 1/2 by 6 1/2 inch strips, I had twice as many as I needed. And I had half as many unpieced strips as I needed, because I ran out of fabric.

Well, what the heck, this is supposed to be pattern-less fun, so I made the blocks with the pieces I had, even though the result was a bit different from Joe’s version. Nothing wrong with exploring the “what-ifs” and nothing wrong with exploiting your mistakes.

Here’s my first layout with my blocks, where I put them up on the wall as they came off the pile.

Not bad but not very interesting either. I played around with pulling the greens to green and the pinks to pink for larger chunks of color.


Then I remembered I meant to use a rectangular layout so I could add a border and make a crib-size quilt for charity. As I moved the blocks around again, I thought, I wonder if I can connect all the greens? This was the best I could do. There are three blocks that couldn’t be fit in. Or, I couldn’t fit them in with the time I allowed myself to play with it.

Now you see why I call it Twisted Sister!

And here it is finished. I used a thick batting, which I don’t like but I have a whole roll of it to use up. I was worried it would be difficult to free-motion quilt but it wasn’t.

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