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I have eight quilts I want to finish this quarter. Which might be a few more than I can squeeze in, but I don’t know yet which one[s] I won’t get to. I want to do them all! Here’s my list for the Finish-Along, first quarter of 2014.

1) “Divorce” – I have to start with an easy one, this needs binding, label, and sleeve. I might have it done this week, if my knee recovers enough so I can run the sewing machine. (Wallhanging)
2) “Kally” – That’s my working name for this Kaleidoscope quilt done Ricky Tim’s way, all set for some serious free-motion quilting, as soon as I get back in the groove with some practice quilts. (Wallhanging)
3) “Snowy Trees” – Another waiting for quilting. I’ve got some snowflake stencils I want to try in the white areas on this one. After a practice quilt or two. (Wallhanging)
4) “Twisted Sister” – Made following a Craftsy class by Joe Cunningham, this is my version of his Crazy Sisters process. I’ve started quilting, it needs a little bit of free-motion work too. (Crib size) [I need a more recent pic, this was all I could find]
5) “Stripes” – A QAYG quilt made by sewing strips directly to the backing and batting, which, I’ve discovered, is boring as hell. I may have to pay myself in chocolate to finish this one. Why did I make it twin size??
6) QAYG blocks #1 – Layered and basted blocks, ready for some free-motion practice. I expect to get these quilted, but whether I’ll get them assembled into a finished quilt by the end of the quarter remains to be seen. (Twin, I think.)
7) QAYG blocks #2 – Another set of basted blocks waiting for free-motion quilting, which will be used as practice before I tackle numbers 1, 2, 3, and 8. (Another twin, if I calculated right.)
8) “Cardinal Sin” – Another top made from Joe’s Craftsy class (there’s more on my “next up” list, I loved this class). I included a cardinal-print tea towel in the quilt to spice it up a little, but I’m feeling the end result is too big for the birds. I may cut it down a bit, but have not decided how much. I’d put it aside longer but I joined a tea-towel challenge and this is my challenge quilt. It needs to be finished by the end of March. (Wallhanging.)

So there you have it. Eight quilts in two and a half months. I’d better get to work.

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  1. Ha, love the titles of these 😀 Good luck with your list!

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