Jan 232012

I spent an evening making practice sandwiches for the free-motion quilt-along and challenge. These are easy to make.

Start with culling your stash. Fat quarters are a good size but whatever you’ve got that you’d just as soon not have in your stash will do. Chose two pieces close to the same size.

Now rustle up some batting scraps, like trimmings from a prior project. Cut a piece of batting the same size as your fabric.

Smooth it out on your cutting board (or work table or floor), then lay one piece of fabric face up on top, smoothing it out. I started with the back but it works either way.

Flip it over and lay the other piece of fabric on top, face up,                              and smooth it out. (Two hands recommended, I was holding the camera in the other.)

Flip it back over and smooth again, at least once more each side. I used a cotton batting, which sticks nicely to fabric. You may need to fasten your bottom layer down if you are using poly. (Blue painters tape works fine on tables and cutting boards and hard floors. Try pins for carpet.)

With the top-side up, baste with your favorite method. I tend to use pins. Spray baste is fine if you like using it, or thread-baste, or if the layers are staying together well and your piece isn’t too big, straight-stitch a few lines to hold it together.

And there you are. Practice quilt sandwiches. Now go practice.

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