Jul 062013

OMG it’s the end of the second quarter of 2013 already! Time flies when you’re spending all day in the garden. I guess I must have spent a few days in the sewing room because I finished six quilts. One of those I started during the quarter, and one I don’t have a finished pic and no time to take one.

I finished four charity quilts, the “Twenty” contest quilt, which I didn’t enter, and the quickie.
Of the four charity quilts, only one is on my intended finishes list (#10). Turns out I finished the others at the beginning of April, before I wrote my list. And I have no photo of the finished one.

The not-entered contest quilt, named Two-Zero, took me way longer than I planned, but I did finish it. #2 on my intended finishes list. (I drafted a blog post but never posted it. I have some catch-up to do.)

And three days before the contest deadline I thought, “The entry fee isn’t so bad if I send two quilts, can I whip something up quickly?” The answer was yes, if I used some UFO blocks, except the day before the mailing deadline (which, being Saturday, meant getting to the PO by 10am) I realized I could only do the last details (sleeve, label) if I neglected my garden. After some serious mulling I decided to skip the contest. The quickie quilt (Lickety-Split) sat for another two weeks before I did those piddly details.

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