Sep 272012

September has been a very busy month in the garden, leaving me little time to sew. I think I’ve managed less than 2 hours in my sewing room ALL MONTH! Those 2 measly hours were spent working on my horse quilt, now a UFO because I set it aside for awhile in favor of other projects.

Here’s how my horse UFO looked on my design wall, waiting forlornly for my attention:
(You may have to look closely to see it is in four sections, as three of them overlap. Oh, and ignore that pink blot on the right, that’s a stray bit on the wall.)

Meanwhile, as my projects languished, Leah Day started up UFO Sundays. The idea is to spend one day a week working on your UFOs (it doesn’t have to be Sunday). I need more than one day a week if I’m going to finish them all, but it’s a start. So I’m trying.

I missed the first two weeks, just never made it into the sewing room. When I finally did, I managed to sew one seam, putting the two biggest sections together. That actually took me about half an hour because I had to line them up and trim the edges straight before sewing. Then halfway through we had company arrive and I had to go be sociable. I ended up skipping the dishes after dinner to finish the seam. Here’s how it looked when done (I took the other top section off the wall):

Last week I managed about an hour, maybe a little bit more, one day when I didn’t have to cook dinner. I worked on the little two-horse section on the lower left. I decided it was too long, and cut a chunk out of the middle. I’m not sure I shrunk it enough, as it grew again when I used three strips to join the pieces back together. The excised piece may end up as filler on the other lower corner. I also added a few strips to the top of the section to extend the point. It needs a bit more before I can sew it onto the main section.

Maybe this week I can find another hour, although I’m not sure where.

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