Jan 222016

I’ve finished the first two quilts. Of course, the two easiest ones, but ya gotta start somewhere. They are numbers 4 and 17 on my proposed finishes list.

First up, 4-patches with yellow alternate blocks, lap size. I made the 4-patches as “betweeners” (also known as leaders and enders). I cut a lot of my scrap into 2 1/2 inch squares and keep them handy, then whenever I reach a point in my piecing where I would have to cut the thread, I sew two squares together instead. When I have a pile sewn up I iron the pairs and put them back by the machine, and make 4-patches whenever I am between other piecing. I’ve included a close-up to prove I really did get the binding on.yellow 4patch doneyellow 4patch edge

Second one is a stacked coins variation, in that some of the “coins” are rather tall. Scraps again, this time always 2 1/2 inches wide but various widths. The edges were uneven and I didn’t want to trim them all, so I sewed them onto adding machine tape to keep the rows straight. Some of the seam allowances ended up a bit scant on the sides, so I quilted with a small serpentine stitch down the vertical seams. It is crib-size. green stripesgreen stripe corner

Both of these will be donated somewhere, as soon as I have photos I’m happy with for my records.


 January 22, 2016  Posted by at 8:09 pm Finish-Along