Apr 122013

Time to list my second quarter intended finishes for the Finish-Along. I’ve got a list of 10 here, plus a couple not yet started that I want to get done in the same time-frame. Unfortunately, I will have even less time to sew than I did for the first quarter, so I’m sure I won’t get them all done, but I never know ahead of time which ones I will or won’t finish.

1. Vertical strips charity quilt. This one is a simple QAYG method that is both tedious and boring. I thought it would be fast, but I’m not convinced it is fast enough to be worth the tedium. But, I want it done and out of here! It is about a third done.
2. An entry for the Twenty contest. All assembled, needs some quilting and binding etc.
3. Ugly 4-patch squares. I took some really ugly 4-patches (made by someone else) and added frames to make wonky blocks. I plan to quilt these QAYG style, they still need layering and basting.
4. Scrap-centered blocks for a QAYG style quilt, these are basted and have started quilting, lots more to do.
5. Kaleidoscope quilt, wallhanging. Basted and I started quilting. Again, lots more quilting to do.
6. Basket quilt, wallhanging. About a quarter quilted.
7. “Corral,” wallhanging. Started quilting.
8. Pink and green thing. About a third quilted.
9. Quilt for our guest bed. Top is in diagonal rows so I can quilt it row by row, starting in the center and adding rows as I go. I have not started quilting yet.
10. Almost forgot another charity quilt (lap size). I thought I would have it done by now so didn’t put it on my initial list, but it isn’t done. It needs a bit of border to reach the desired size, which will need quilting, and it needs binding.

You may notice a lot of “started quilting” in this list. Some have just enough to stabilize the piece, others have a little bit more done. It depended on what designs I wanted to try out before turning to the next project.

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Apr 012013

Wow, end of the First Quarter already, how did that happen?

I’ve managed five finishes (#1 through #5) of my intended seven for the Finish Along over at shecanquilt. Two I already blogged about here and here.

The other three are:

Split Bits – 25 X 32 inches. Finished March 22.

Spawn – formerly referred to as Stepchild. 20 X 24 inches. Finished March 22.

A Quilter’s Muse – formerly Quilter’s Nightmare. 33 X 43. Finished March 22.

Yep, all three on the same day – I went on a binding binge. I worked on a lot of other quilts during the last three months but only a little bit on #6 and none on #7 on my list. I’ll have a nice long list for the next quarter, but maybe not as much time to sew.

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