Apr 072016

Here’s my proposed finished list for second quarter of the Finish-Along, I’ve added a must-finish quilt and rolled over the ten remaining from last quarter, as if I have a snowball’s chance in hell of finishing all ten! Not listed is a joint project I am working on with my sister, which is also a must-finish quilt although the deadline is a little further out.

1. Sumner’s Quilt — My mom made the courthouse steps blocks and I am finishing it into a quilt for my brother, who is getting married in late July. So I MUST get this one done. The blocks have been quilted (with a walking foot) and I have just started putting them together using a Quilt-As-You-Go technique. Mum's block

The rest of the list is carried over from Q1, but with new numbers.

2. Confetti #4 – needs binding, sleeve, and label – I did manage the binding last quarter, but it still needs a sleeve and label. Confetti #4

3. Corral – needs quilting. Corral

4. Cuddle quilt – needs quilting, this one is nap size. cuddle quilt

5. Improv piece A, small. needs quilting. improv color study 1

6. Improv piece B, needs quilting (now half done with the quilting). Improv FGs

7. Purple spirals, needs binding, sleeve, label – binding was done last quarter but still needs sleeve and label. Purple Spirals

8.  QAYG project – one block shown, this one is twin I think. needs assembly. QAYG block

9. Red Stripes, another QAYG project, this one with strips sewn onto backing and batting. Needs the other strips sewn. Will be twin. red stripes

10. Red-eyed ghosts (isn’t that what it looks like?) – was bound last quarter, still needs sleeve and label and maybe a little embellishment. Red-eyed Ghosts

11. Three Stars, needs border, then basting and quilting. I added a border last quarter, but it overwhelms the stars so I need to change it. The second photo is a bit dark, sorry about that.

three star banner 1three stars

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Apr 012016

This first finish was completed 2-3 weeks ago, but it has taken me this long to get pics and write a blogpost. It’s taken me even longer to finish the quilt! I can’t remember when I started it, all I can tell you is I decided to play around with some scraps that were cluttering up my sewing room. I thought the scraps were light enough to stand out against a dark background, but they weren’t really that light. Or the dark wasn’t dark enough, I’m not sure. My stash was a lot smaller back then. The top sat around in the UFO pile for awhile, then I used it to play with paintsticks. I used a glass dish from Goodwill for the “rubbing plate” – literally a plate in this case. That helped. It languished for some additional time in the UFO pile, until I did a free-motion quilt-along 2-3 years ago and used it for a practice piece following one of the tutorials. And now, TA DA – I finally put the binding on! I even did it the hard way, hand-stitched to the back. And I added a sleeve, although I didn’t get a pic so you’ll have to trust me on that one.

I call it Scrappy Mess. Which may need a number because it isn’t the only scrappy mess I’ve made, but I’m not counting.

Scrappy Mess Scrappy Mess corner

Next up is the one project this quarter that I managed to quilt AND bind! I did work on some others but wedding announcements by two family members changed my quilting priorities so they got put aside. This one started with some little scraps I fished out of the waste basket after my sister left, so I call it Waste Basket #1 (number 2 was finished earlier). The scraps were prints and the rest is solids, something I don’t work with very often. I quilted it with a walking foot, and boy was I tired of twisting the quilt back and forth by the time I was done! I finished hand-stitching the binding down about 3 days ago.

Waste Basket #1 WB1 edge

You’d think I had a purple theme going here, but it’s just chance. I think. It’s not my favorite color or anything.

EDIT: Here’s the link to my proposed finishes list, and these two are numbers 9 and 8 (respectively) on that list.

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