Apr 012016

This first finish was completed 2-3 weeks ago, but it has taken me this long to get pics and write a blogpost. It’s taken me even longer to finish the quilt! I can’t remember when I started it, all I can tell you is I decided to play around with some scraps that were cluttering up my sewing room. I thought the scraps were light enough to stand out against a dark background, but they weren’t really that light. Or the dark wasn’t dark enough, I’m not sure. My stash was a lot smaller back then. The top sat around in the UFO pile for awhile, then I used it to play with paintsticks. I used a glass dish from Goodwill for the “rubbing plate” – literally a plate in this case. That helped. It languished for some additional time in the UFO pile, until I did a free-motion quilt-along 2-3 years ago and used it for a practice piece following one of the tutorials. And now, TA DA – I finally put the binding on! I even did it the hard way, hand-stitched to the back. And I added a sleeve, although I didn’t get a pic so you’ll have to trust me on that one.

I call it Scrappy Mess. Which may need a number because it isn’t the only scrappy mess I’ve made, but I’m not counting.

Scrappy Mess Scrappy Mess corner

Next up is the one project this quarter that I managed to quilt AND bind! I did work on some others but wedding announcements by two family members changed my quilting priorities so they got put aside. This one started with some little scraps I fished out of the waste basket after my sister left, so I call it Waste Basket #1 (number 2 was finished earlier). The scraps were prints and the rest is solids, something I don’t work with very often. I quilted it with a walking foot, and boy was I tired of twisting the quilt back and forth by the time I was done! I finished hand-stitching the binding down about 3 days ago.

Waste Basket #1 WB1 edge

You’d think I had a purple theme going here, but it’s just chance. I think. It’s not my favorite color or anything.

EDIT: Here’s the link to my proposed finishes list, and these two are numbers 9 and 8 (respectively) on that list.

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