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I am the Admiral of a Fleet of UFOs. I sail through the quilting universe searching for ways to finish my UFOs faster than new ones show up in my Fleet. It’s a never-ending battle between the Forces of Finishing and the Starry-eyed Starters.

In real life I am Abby Fuller, born in 1956 (you do the math), quilter since the late 80’s, avid food gardener, DIYer, writer … and I guess at this point I can admit to being multi-passionate and way over-committed. As my husband of 30 years probably thinks I should be – committed that is.

I am addicted to quilting. I am particularly addicted to the thrill of starting a new project. Finishing can be exciting too, but there’s a point in the middle of every project when it becomes a slog (or I can’t find the right fabric to continue) and I’m easily led astray by the allure of a shiny new project. As a result, I’m just a little bit overloaded with UFOs (quilter slang for UnFinished Object). Add in scraps, orphan blocks, leftovers, and we had to “downsize” to a 3500 sq ft house from a 2500 sq ft house to fit them all in.

My new 627 sq ft studio is still not big enough, so I’ve overflowed into the guest room next door. Once I realized my storage problems were caused by an overabundance of UFOs, I challenged myself to make 100 finished quilts from them. Recently I decided to turn as many of the UFOs (and other clutter) as I can into charity quilts. I want this crap out of my sewing room, and how better than donated (as finished quilts) to someone who will love them much more than I ever will?

Family: one husband (sorry guys, I’m taken, one’s enough. Though I could use a wife – one who loves to clean – except I’m not sharing my stash!!). One son, grown and on his own. No grand-kids yet, so we have to settle for our grand-dog, Max.

We live on 29 acres in Northern Idaho. Winter’s here aren’t as long as they were when we lived in Alaska, so I have to steal some quilting time during the hot part of summer. Good thing my studio is in the cool basement.

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