Jan 262014

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Finished! This little beauty ended up about 20.5 inches by 22.5 inches.

After quilting the piece I played around with embellishment ideas. First was the buttons I had cut off the shirt, those went on the empty areas of the washcloth because they would have blended in with the tan background.

Next up was pieces from the old jigsaw puzzle. I pulled out the white ones and arranged some in a circle. A little fiddling about and I thought “that looks a little like a snowflake, except it’s 8 pointed.” So I reduced them to 6 points and stepped back. Hmmm. They didn’t stand out much against the tan background. Oh, they aren’t really white, are they? Maybe the paperclips would be better. So I ditched the puzzle pieces in favor of paperclip snowflakes (the clips are white, I picked them out of a batch of colored paperclips).

Once I had snow on my mind I looked at that rusty cloth and thought “don’t eat yellow snow.” Which reminded me of a story I heard back in high-school when I was on the cross-country ski team. (Don’t be impressed, it wasn’t much of a team.) Seems at a recent race, one skier had gained advantage over a competitor by scooping up a handful of yellow snow and eating it front of the competitor, who immediately got sick. But it wasn’t what it looked like – a friend had poured orange soda on the snow a few minutes earlier.

With yellow snow on my mind, I added the yellow “stream,” made with loose threads cut off washed fabric (you know, the part that gets all tangled up in the washer and dryer). The stream also covered up a thread defect in the washcloth.

So that’s my little art piece, all upcycled material except the thread used to sew it. Titled, as you might have guessed already –

Don’t Eat Yellow Snow

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