Jan 262014

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To get this quilt done quickly I didn’t waste any time with careful piecing. In fact, there’s really no piecing at all. I did need to piece the backing and the background, but I simply laid the pieces down and straight-stitched the edges, backing first. So, backing on first, stitch edges, then wrap the excess around to the front and stitch down. Next, place the background pieces down, covering the faux border edges but letting a little bit show. And stitch the edges. You can see an area that is not covered yet.detail of corner:

Next I placed the rusty washcloth in place and stitched the edges. Step two was free-motion quilting the piece. If I’d been smart I would have done the background before adding the washcloth, but I didn’t. I kept the quilting on the washcloth to a minimum because of the rust and because my foot didn’t clear the little loops of the cloth well. I went around the edges of the rusted areas, more or less.


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