Feb 172016

Patchwork Posse has a page with links to all 30 days of organizing posts, which I have failed to keep up with here or in my studio. Her site is a bit ad-heavy, but the list is a handy place to look for ideas for any specific area of organizing your space.

The Quilt Show is running weekly posts, as I mentioned at some point. Here are the latest three, all on what to do with scraps:

Week 4, scraps part a, ideas for both quilts and non-quilts. I like the fabric boxes! But if you REALLY have a lot of scraps – those dog beds would clear your space in no time.

Week 5, scraps part b, with 6 ideas for using scraps other than making a quilt (some use more scraps than others).

Week 6, more scrap ideas, all scrap quilts this time, and there are some lovely ones.

(The posts are on their blog, no need to buy a membership.)

And in my own studio, I did a rough count of UFOs. Assuming I have not missed an entire bin full somewhere (always possible), I now have 114. <gulp> I really have got to learn to spend more time finishing and less time starting! Or spend less time gardening and more time sewing. Or less time blogging … oh, wait, I already tried that.

 February 17, 2016  Posted by at 2:32 pm Organizing and Decluttering