Jan 312013

Announcing the UFOs4Charity Project!

What is it, you ask? Part one: make charity quilts from my UFOs. I phrase it that way because many of my UFOs are not bed-quilt size projects, so they require some creativity to make bigger quilts from them. Part two: to encourage other quilters to do the same.

The idea for my project began with the urge to clear out all the clutter from my sewing room – projects I’d lost interest in, blocks from swaps that never made it to project status, leftovers from projects, stray blocks, scraps, and cull fabric. I’ve always enjoyed donating quilts to charity, and realized I could combine the two by taking my quilt clutter and turning it into charity quilts. I’ve set a personal goal of 100 quilts donated (yes, I have that much clutter in here), but you don’t have to promise that many to join in. One will do.

For that matter, you don’t have to use your UFOs to make charity quilts. But why not finish up a UFO or three and donate the result? You get the darn thing out of your closet and someone in need gets the warmth and comfort of a quilt. The same goes for the rest of your sewing room clutter. Turn it into charity quilts and you get the warm fuzzies of giving, someone else gets a warm quilt. I call that a win-win. Clearing your clutter also gives you space for new projects. I love new projects, don’t you?

Keep watching this blog for more about this project, I’m still brainstorming. Ideas? Suggestions? Leave a comment (I do moderate to keep spam out, so be patient).

And I will, of course, write about the quilts I make. So I’d better go make some, ttyl.

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