Oct 122012

Another week and I am still working on the horse quilt. I am determined to get this one done, but have had little time in my sewing room. Next week might be better, lots of rain in the forecast. That means less time in the garden and more time indoors.

I managed to get the lower segment sewn on, and now I am not happy with the result. There’s a huge empty space of background between the two lower left horse blocks and the rest of the quilt. I have a lower right corner that begs for one more horse block (I do have one more horse I can use), and the entire thing is longer than I wanted.

This project is intended to be a cuddle quilt for our couch, it doesn’t need to be 7 feet long! So I am seriously considering shortening the thing. I think one horse block, tucked into the empty area, will be enough. It’s going to take some cutting and new strips added, but this quilt is for me, and I want to be happy with the result. Though I’m sure it will be just as cuddly either way.

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