Feb 212012

I’ve finished playing with Willa’s block for round one of the Improvi-Robin. I had fun, I hope she likes the result. Here’s what she sent me, a block plus trimmings:

I thought the color palette (green and purple) a bit limited, so when I went hunting in my scraps and leftovers and orphans and found some gold squares I grabbed them. I’d had a thought some time ago to frame the gold squares with dark purple. (Which tends to look black in the pics, but it is purple.) This seemed like a good project to try it on.

After pondering for awhile, I imagined a quasi-border around two sides with the framed gold squares. So I did some quick measuring and guestimating and ended up making 5 blocks. Gold centers, then the dark purple, then strips cut from Willa’s trimmings. Now the center needed something more. The block was okay as a block. A quilt full of them would have been a nice enough quilt. But it didn’t exactly catch the eye.

So I went shopping in my stash and found the iris print (did I mention Willa used all metallics? I tried to follow suit but the dark purple is not). Framed it with purple then carefully cut Willa’s block into strips for the outer frame. The leftover square from the center ended up cut in half for filler.

Then time to play on the design wall. Once I was done I sort of lost the border effect with the gold blocks. The lighter purple that winds through is supposed to be a sort of inner border or sashing. Maybe a hybrid?

I still needed some filler. Something not too bright, and found just the right thing in my orphan box. The HST portions were block halves leftover from something or other. I think maybe some blocks I made for a swap.

The final assembly required a few more strips, which I cut from the dark purple because that’s what I had available. The lighter purple was all gone, the scraps left from Willa’s block and trimmings were too small, the iris print would have stood out too much, so I used the purple. I think it needs a little bit more for balance but I couldn’t add it without adding more of, well, something. So I sent a piece on to the next person, she can add it in if she thinks it’s needed.

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