Feb 252014

February’s Lovely Finish is FINISHED!

First blogged about here, I have finished the quilting (took me days), trimmed the edges up square – or as square as I could get it, and attached sleeve and label. It now hangs in our stairway, occupying a spot reserved for another UFO that I will probably not finish any time soon.

Here’s a closer look —

Trimming the edges so the whole thing was square without chopping off any corners of blocks was a bit of a challenge because the quilt was slightly bigger than the width of my big cutting table, making it hard to see whether any particular planned cut would work. I managed, but did need to re-trim a couple of the edges. For binding I first thought I wanted green, but when I laid a test strip beside the quilt it didn’t look good, so I dug out a brown that worked very well.

It could still stand blocking but that can wait, I have other quilts to finish.

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  3 Responses to “February’s Lovely Finish is Done”

  1. I love it. I think it’s a great quilt! Congrats on finishing it.

  2. This is a very unique and lovely quilt. It feels like art, and I like that in quilts although my projects lately are more traditional. It is lovely. Congratulations on a finish.

    • Thank you. I think all quilts are art once you hang them on the wall. Even the more traditional, as long as you aren’t just assembling someone elses kit.

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