Jan 282014

Well, I did it! Finished this lovely quilt which I named “Divorce: DWR Deconstructed.” This one was my goal finish for The Year of Lovely Finishes. It is also finish #1 for the Finish-Along (original post here).

I dithered for awhile over how to do the binding. In the end I trimmed the batting away, to the edge of the top fabric, then trimmed the backing to about an inch, to an inch and a half, maybe a tad more. I used scissors and judged the width by eye, letting it be as wonky as it wanted.

I folded the back to the front, leaving the raw edge out, and stitched about 3/8 of an inch from the edge to hold it in place. Then, the tedious part, I fringed the exposed raw edge with scissors. I had hoped it would fray in the wash but it didn’t. Oh well, the fringe looks ragged enough as is.

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  7 Responses to “January’s project finished”

  1. I have had a similar idea for a deconstructed wedding ring quilt in my head for a while … but you DID it and it’s beautiful!

  2. Ooh, very interesting way to finish the edge! Maybe wash it again to see if it will fray more?? Put it in a full load, so it has something to rub against.

    • Putting it in a full load is a good idea. Maybe towels would work well. I threw some fabric in with it, of course, but I guess that wasn’t enough friction.

  3. That is a great quilt and I think the binding is perfect for it! Well done.

  4. Love how this looks!

  5. Congrats on all your finishes!

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