Dec 312013

As the old year draws to a close I start to think about the year to come even though I haven’t written a “year in review” post yet. That will come, meanwhile, on to dreaming – how many quilts can I finish in 2014? I managed 16 in 2013, but I think 14 in 2014 might be a saner target.

I sat down and listed what I wanted to get done before garden season starts (in about three months), and quickly listed 9 quilts either in progress or planned. As if that weren’t too many already, then I went cruising for sew-alongs or BOMs to join. Am I nuts? Yes, most assuredly.

I found two mysteries I am eyeing –
New Years Day Mystery at  (I’ll use scraps for this one, if I do it.)
And a Pat Sloan block of the month mystery at FreeQuiltPatterns

Then I found a lovely garden themed block of the month at QuiltArtDesigns. I can’t resist this one!

And last but not least, a tea towel challenge! I’ve been wanting to try this since my sister participated in one last year, then my mom gave me this towel for Christmas:

Isn’t that too nice to use to dry dishes or wrap up lettuce? (My usual use for what I’ve always called dish towels.)
So I’m going to join the Tea Towel Challenge at Sophie Junction.

I need to go order some clones to help me out around here.

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