Nov 302012

I’ve finished another charity quilt, this one for a local charity fund-raising auction. Last two years I’ve donated wall-hangings. This year my husband said, “I think something big enough to use would be more popular.” For someone who likes the quilts I’ve hung on the walls at home, he still thinks they go on a bed. So I made a crib quilt, but it’s pretty enough to go on the wall, should the new owner want to hang it up.

I think the quilting took longer than the piecing, but it’s done, photographed, and delivered. I put a flannel back on it, first time I’ve worked with flannel but it was fine. And so soft! As soon as I pieced the backing I thought, “I want a flannel back on the horse quilt.” Then I remembered I’d already made a backing and had it all basted and waiting. Oh well.

Next up on my agenda – Christmas gifts. I won’t be posting about them just yet, for obvious reasons. As soon as they are done I have a twin-size quilt basted and ready to quilt. I’m planning to donate it to Equilter’s drive to collect 5000 quilts for Hurricane Sandy victims. I wanted to do more, but that’s life. I’ve already sent 5 quilts East, if I only manage one more that’s good enough.

Long term, I want to turn all of the “clutter” in my sewing room into charity quilts. “Clutter” is all the UFOs that are useable (some are too arty, and I still want to finish them), scraps, orphans, and cull fabrics. Easily 100 quilts worth, at least if they are all crib sized. The real questions is, how fast can I sew them?

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