Oct 032012

Slight progress this week on UFO finishing. I managed to sew a few strips on the horse quilt, on two sections, as shown below.

And I dug out another partly-done project to use as a betweener. Other people call them Beginners and Enders, I prefer the term Betweener. It is any project I sew on between pieces of the main project. This way I don’t have to hang onto loose thread ends every time I sit down to sew a strip on the horse project. And, I get two projects sewn at the same time.

The betweener is intended to become a checkerboard style quilt, probably crib size. I’m designing as I go, so I have no idea how many little squares I need. I started with a pile of 2” squares originally cut for a watercolor quilt, which has lost my interest. I would like to use up the 2” squares, and checkerboard seemed like a useful betweener design, so I grabbed a light (more or less) background and cut up 2” squares.

I used some as a betweener awhile back, I forget which project, then packed the whole thing aside when cleaning up, maybe when we moved last year. When I needed a betweener for the horse UFO I remembered the checkerboard and dug it out. Which was possible only because at some point I tried to get organized and put all my projects in their own boxes and labeled each one. I’m now overrun with plastic shoeboxes.


Leah Day at UFO Sunday says she just turned 29 and wants to finish all her UFOs by the time she turns 30. I turned 56 last month and my UFO pile is a little bigger than hers (mine is approximately 100, although I still don’t have an accurate count). I’m thinking I should set a goal to finish all of mine by the time I turn 60. I need a threat, let’s see, maybe if on my 60ieth birthday any unfinished UFO has to be thrown away. (GASP! The Horror! Throwing away is WASTEFUL! I can’t do THAT!)

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  1. Hah! Scare yourself into quilting up a storm! Love it.
    That’s a lot of finishes a year; can you do that many and still devote time to your garden?

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