Oct 162012

I feel like I’m making real progress now! We’ve had a few days of shitty weather, and that combined with dark, cold mornings means I’ve spent a little more time in my sewing room lately than I had been. I’ve managed to get the horse quilt assembled into one piece! It still needs some trimming, a couple corners filled in, and a little bit of border (in part to stabilize the edges), but it almost feels done.

Here’s the last few day’s progress:

10/13/12 –

10/14/12 –

10/16/12 –

At this point I’ve stalled. I need to do something about my ironing board. My old one is rickety and has a badly torn cover. I’ve been meaning to make a new one for months now. I have a piece of plywood ready to become the backbone, and found an old wool blanket to cut up to pad it. Now I need to dig out the staple-gun and something to cover it all, and put it together. I think that might be tomorrow’s project.

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  1. I absolutely love, love, love your horse quilt. I am a huge fan of string quilts, and I love the way you randomly set all these pieces together. This is going in my someday idea file….after I finish my own 100 ufo’s.

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