Jul 292012

Free motion goes so much faster! (see Part One here) First, to refresh my skills, I finished this little thing (15×15) made with xmas prints and leftover bits. It may end up a pillow top, although it may need some size adjustment.

Now I forget what order I did them in, but that doesn’t matter. For Slasher (26×27) I used square spirals in the light area and round ones in the colored areas. That went quick.

Two more scrap tops were next, which I spent more time on. For Spirals (19×21) I tried a technique I saw somewhere online around the spirals, then did a simple spiral fill on the rest.

For Ferns (18×19) I started following the rubbing-plate design but gave it up after a few and did a big free-form flower in the center. Next I tried bubbles as a filler. Didn’t like those so I used some spirals, then had the insane idea to echo closely in the empty spaces between. What was I thinking? But I got it done.

And the big one, crib-sized. I used it to try out a number of different fills (each space is different) – you can see more in my posts for the FMQ Challenge. (scroll down, or go here and here)

The other one I quilted I already posted here. Now I need to get busy on bindings, sleeves, and labels.

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