Jul 292012

After dragging my feet for months, I finally admitted defeat in my attempt to master my newly-acquired Juki and went back to quilting on my Pfaff.

My first few projects used the built-in walking foot while I played with decorative stitches and a little couching.

Here’s a little thing I did for AAQI, the only scrap thing I’ve been able to keep under 9×12. I had fun playing with a few of my limited selection of stitches.

Jump for Joy (34×52), I made a bad choice – close parallel lines. It took forever! Looks okay, but never again. I added a simple scalloped edge in places, not sure it shows in the pics. Then I couched some cotton yarn to give it a vertical dimension. I plan to add some appliqued circles, it’s next on my project list.

Brambles (34×54) I used a decorative stitch, which went quickly, but it’s also not done. I plan some stenciling then free-motion work.

After those three I switched to the darning foot. (see Part Two)

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