Apr 062012

Once again I am posting the quilt projects I hope to finish for the Finish-Along. I’m only aiming for three finishes this quarter. In fact, I hope to get them all done this month, but that may be a pipe-dream. It doesn’t help that I’ve pulled a muscle in my back and can’t sew at all. Warning to quilters – I did it reaching up high on my design wall – quilting can be dangerous!

Anyway, here are the three I hope to finish:

1) Rosebud – a quilt for our guest bed. I started this one several years ago and have not managed to finish it. My parents are coming for a visit in early May, it would be nice to get it done. It is currently in rows because I intended to do a variation of quilt-as-you-go. I think I will assemble it into three pieces and QAYG in segments instead of rows. It still needs a border too.

2) Horse quilt – this one is on my design wall as I type, and is the one I was reaching up high on (putting that left-hand corner segment up) when something gave in my back. Maybe I should take it down and pack it away instead of aiming to finish, but I’d really like to get it done. This one is a cuddle quilt for our couch.

3) this little scrap piece – I want to finish it so I can hang it up. It shouldn’t take long, but I do need to find a back and a scrap of batting for it.

If I manage to finish those and am not totally consumed by gardening, or crippled, I may work on the unfinished two from last quarter. More likely I’ll take off on something new, story of my life!

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  1. I love the quilt for your guest bed and QAYG is one of my favorite techniques. I use to teach it when I lived in Michigan. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. I hope your back is feeling better soon so you can get back to sewing! Good Luck with your projects! 🙂

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