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Year In Review posts seem to be all the rage across the blogosphere. I thought a quick review might be a good way to start my new blog.

I used to blog over at blogger.com, (http://abbysquiltblog.blogspot.com/) but quit posting when I decided to move to my own domain. It’s only taken me 8 months to get here, so I ought to have a lot to get caught up on in a year-end review, but I won’t bore you with it all.

Short version – I started too many quilts and finished not enough. I did finish 9, not too bad, even if I didn’t make my “11 in 2011” goal. Off the top of my head I can remember 8 starts. If that’s an accurate count, I’m ahead by 1! Hah, not so bad after all. Not much of a dent in the pile though.

Here’s my most recent finish, also my oldest UFO, nearing 20 years old. Nearly vintage! I started it in 1992 or 3, I’m not quite sure which winter. It got put aside many times along the way. Finishing it made me so happy I decided I’m keeping it for ME. I call it “My Forever Quilt” – it took forever to finish it and I’m keeping it forever.


Three days after finishing that one, we bought a new house.  That’s the exciting news for 2011. We’d been hunting for the right place for 5 years, and now we’ve got it. And the best feature is the HUGE sewing room!

Didn’t take me long to fill it up though, all I had to do was empty the old one into a big pile. My new sewing room soon looked like this –  – actually, it’s worse now. Hubby insisted we had to move everything NOW and refused my request for shelves first. He muttered something about having to get the garage fixed up (which is still in process) – HIS space.

I’ve bought cubes instead but I’ve only assembled half of them. I hope 12 double-cubes will be enough to hold that mess in the middle of the room, at least temporarily.

Once I clear the pile in the middle I can bring in a table and start sorting everything out. I’ve already purchased new bins so I have some empties to sort into. When I’m done with that I can decide on priority projects for 2012 – if it isn’t 2013 by then.

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