Jan 182012

We’re back online after 3 days without internet (due to the lag time between taking the antenna down at the old house and getting it installed at the new one). Here are a few tidbits from this week as I get caught up with my surfing.

My sister’s quilt is featured on Generation Q magazine – (scroll down) – which makes me want to explore the site further. First foray found this amusing glossary.

I’ve found a free-motion quilt-along to help me with the finish-along! I am still a novice free-motion quilter, even after all these years, and can use all the help I can get. And since many of my unfinished quilts have stalled at the quilting stage, help quilting is help finishing.

My initial block for the Improvi-Robin is in the mail. I found this orphan block while packing my sewing room for the big move, and managed not to lose it in the shuffle until I unearthed a bubble-mailer to stick it in.


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